Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

disadvantage of cloud computingThere are many advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing.  But what are they?  Read on to find out!


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

There is no doubt that there are a plethora of advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing and the technologies that utilize it!  Let’s check them out.


The Main Disadvantage of Cloud Computing

There is a very serious disadvantage of cloud computing… What is it?

Security!  Or rather a lack of it…

You see, the very nature of cloud computing punches a gaping hole in its otherwise beneficial nature.

For convenience sake, cloud computing makes files accessible all over the world– all one needs is an internet connection.  However, this is because files are uploaded off one’s personal computer and onto a server in “the cloud”.

Once those files are uploaded, the user no longer has physical control over the hard drive, or server, that the files are stored on.  This presents a number of security issues that collectively constitute a serious disadvantage of cloud computing.

Lost Files

First, is the threat that the files could simply be lost.  Unless the user is being diligent in maintaining a hard backup, files will be lost after being deleted from the cloud.

Natural Disasters

The same issue exists in the case of natural disasters.  If the cloud servers are damaged or destroyed, the affected files cannot be restored  unless the user has been maintaining a hard copy backup.  Doing so is likely an unreasonable expectation, as many people choose to utilize cloud computing in order to work on files while they are on the move!

Hackers and Theft

On a more malicious note, cloud computing security is frequently compromised by hackers.  There have been many reports in the news of hackers attacking the computers of major corporations.  When a person chooses to utilize cloud computing, there is no way to guarantee that a cyber attack will not occur– and depending on the data that has been stored in the cloud, personal information or intellectual property could be compromised.


So you can see, security is certainly the main disadvantage of cloud computing.  In the years to come, it will become increasingly important for cloud computing service providers to come up with new ways to assure that user can trust that their information is safe in “the cloud”!


The Main Advantages of Cloud Computing

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