Cloud Computing Adoption Models

cloud computing adoption modelFinding a cloud computing adoption model can be a confusing process!  Let us break it down for you in this article:

Cloud computing adoption models are not necessarily straight forward in nature.  After all, a large part of what makes cloud computing so appealing is how easily it can be tailored to the needs of you or your business.

At any rate, we can start by breaking down the components involved in a cloud computing adoption model and explain the different levels involved.

First of all, we can learn a great deal about cloud computing adoption models from service level agreements.  When you are analyzing your cloud computing needs, it’s important to understand what levels of service are available.  So lets check it out.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

A large part of the expense with traditional IT comes from the need to constantly maintain and upgrade hardware.  Perhaps you frequently run out of hard drive space, but if not, sooner or later those big hulking machines just run out steam.

The idea of IaaS is that those things are taken care of for you– If you’re computing in the cloud, there is no need to continuously increase the size of your hard drives, or worry that your machines will break down in the middle of an important project.  Those things are maintained for you and automatically updated by your service provider.  Infrastructure as a Service can be a very helpful if you’re looking to save money on equipment upkeep.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Think of PaaS in the way that you think of your computer’s operating system.  In the same way that Windows, Mac or Linux manages and provides a base (or platform) for the more useful operations you do on a daily basis, the same is true for cloud computing software facilitators.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

And speaking of software facilitation, that brings us to the level of cloud computing that one would probably interact with the most:  Software as a Service.  These are your apps and programs- the fun stuff.


When you are considering cloud computing adoption models, it’s important to try and keep these services in mind and talk extensively with your service provider about what you or your business needs.

With a little analysis, you can easily find a cloud computing adoption model that will work for you!

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