Cloud Computing Implementation: Struggles, Successes and Strategies

Cloud Computing Implementation

The implementation of cloud computing causes some individuals and businesses owners a great deal of trepidation!

But have no fear– take a look at how you can deal with the struggles of cloud computing implementation.


Alright, you’ve been considering for a while now that maybe it’s time for you and/or your business to take the leap into the cloud.

Are you concerned that it’s a bigger “leap of faith” than you want to take?

Well that’s understandable.  After all, there are many struggles on the road to successful cloud computing implementation, and they do need to be addressed.  I intend to write an article specifically highlighting the disadvantages of cloud computing.  But for the sake of this article, I think there are two major struggles to examine:

First of all, there is the biggie:  Security.  Not something that can be easily overlooked.

As far as security goes, you need to be careful.  Your cloud computing service level agreement should be specific about who owns the material you upload into the cloud and what measures they provide to help ensure the security of your data.

However, one of the realities of cloud computing implementation is that sometimes things go wrong.  Sometimes security is breached.  And if you aren’t prepared to deal with your data being stored off-location on someone else’s servers, you should probably steer clear of the cloud all together!

Second:  Cost. Or maybe cost is first for you…  who knows.  But we can all agree money is ALWAYS up there on the list of priorities.  And it’s important to spend your dollars wisely!

Cost can range a great deal, but oftentimes the upfront costs are worth it.  You need to calculate what you could save on computing infrastructure and in-house services BEFORE you can be sure that cloud computing implementation is worth it for you.



Yeah the struggles are scary.  But they have to be considered in the light of all the potential successes cloud computing implementation can bring you and/ or your business.

First off:  Efficiency.  The cloud provides you access to your data unlike any you’ve had before.  This can assist you in working on the go (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Second: Money.  You could save money by working in the cloud!  If you’re constantly upgrading equipment and spending a great deal on IT support, you might just find that cloud computing implementation actually helps you cut down on your costs, WHILE giving you better access to your files.



You HAVE to do a full appraisal of your current IT system prior to the implementation of cloud computing services.

Different cloud computing service providers can have widely varying SLA’s or Service Level Agreements, so you really do need to do your due diligence before choosing a provider.  Do they truly provide the cloud computing solution your small business is looking for?  The SLA will tell you the nitty-gritty.


So you see, there really is nothing to fear when it comes to cloud computing implementation.  With a bit of strategy, you can overcome the struggles and start enjoying the successes!



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