Cloud Computing Interview Questions

cloud computing interview questinosHere are 7 Cloud Computing Interview Questions and their corresponding answers.  You may want to keep them in mind for your next meeting!


Question:  What are the three service levels of cloud computing technology?

Answer:  Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS;  Platform as a Service, or PaaS; and Software as a Service, or SaaS.


Question:  What company is the largest provider of cloud computing services?

Answer:  Amazon Web Services.


Question:  What are some of the primary advantages of cloud computing?

Answer:  1) Accessibility

2) Savings on infrastructure over time.


Question:  What is the major disadvantage of cloud computing?

Answer:  1) Security.  Once files are uploaded off the user’s hard drive, their security cannot be guaranteed since they are out of the user’s possession.


Question:  How will cloud computing technologies be utilized in the future?

Answer:   There are an almost infinite number of possible applications for cloud computing technology.  Some examples are: smart clothing, smart cars, augmented reality vision (like Google Glass), smart homes, and even mind reading devices.

All in, this refers to something that is known as “The Internet of Things”.  This term signifies a time when the internet will connect most of the things we interact with on a day to day basis.  Information stored in the cloud will constantly stream between objects, people and appliances, not just computers.


Question:  What is a cloud computing SLA?

Answer:  A cloud computing SLA is an abbreviation for cloud computing Service Level Agreement.  It is a contract of sorts from your cloud computing service provider that delineates the kind of services you can expect to receive from them.


Question:  Why do you think cloud computing is becoming so popular?

Answer:  In many ways, computing in the cloud is just the next logical step in the evolution of the internet.  It provides for greater efficiency by allowing access to data from virtually any location.  This functionality is giving way to new technologies and applications that allow people and businesses to maximize profit and time usage.



Keep these cloud computing interview questions in mind, and let us know if you have questions by leaving a comment below!


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