Cloud Computing Meaning: A Definition and Example

cloud computing meaningThere is a Cloud Computing Meaning and we’re going to talk about it today… actually BOTH meanings!

That’s right– there are 2 cloud computing meanings!  And each of them applies in a different context.  Let’s dive in!


Cloud Computing Meaning #1

The term “cloud computing” refers to a type of data exchange that occurs over an internet connection.

Let’s get a bit more clear on the definition of cloud computing.

When someone utilizes cloud computing technology, they are uploading files off their computer and storing them on a server (a hard drive) somewhere else.  This is accomplished using an internet connection.  It’s like sending an email attachment, but not to anyONE, but rather to a hard drive!

The files just hang out there– in the cloud– waiting to be accessed again.  This can usually be done from any device with an internet connection.

So that is the first meaning of cloud computing!

Let’s move on to something a little more profound…


Cloud Computing Meaning #2

So what does cloud computing mean?  In other words, what are the implications of cloud computing being utilized in ever-increasing amounts?

Well there are many things to think about here.

A widespread use of cloud computing will mean that communication will be much faster to all corners of the world!  In fact, it may already seem that way to you.  But there are many countries that do not currently support a widespread use of internet technology– either because they don’t have the infrastructure, or there is too much political unrest.

Point being– there still remains a large amount of upside potential when it comes to cloud computing!

Once a larger fraction of the world’s population is given access to this technology, things will change rapidly for all of us.  Cross cultural awareness will increase and the global economy will grow in importance for people of all nations.

This cloud computing meaning signifies the following statement: we have achieved a level technological proficiency, and it this ability will drastically alter the fabric of civilization in the years to come!


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