Cloud Computing Questions? We Have Answers!

cloud computing questionsDo you have cloud computing questions?  If you said yes, check out this article.  We have answers to some of the most common questions about cloud computing technologies!


So what do you want to know?!  When it comes to cloud computing, there is a lot to talk about!  This website has TONS of information, so feel free to look around!  But lets tackle some of the most common questions right here and now!

Question:  What is cloud computing?

Answer:  Cloud computing is when you upload data off your computer and onto a hard drive (or server) via an internet connection.  From there you can access the information from anywhere– as long as you can connect to the internet.


Question:  Is it safe?

Answer:  Maybe.  Some cloud computing companies would likely have you believe that your data is more secure than it is.  The truth is that data security breaches and hacks DO occur.  And there is no way to guarantee that your files are 100% secure.


Question:  What if I don’t want to use cloud computing?

Answer:  Well that’s ok.  But you probably already do.  If you have a webmail account like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail– you are already on the cloud computing bandwagon!  That is also true if you use Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, or any other similar program.


Question:  Are there any alternatives to cloud computing?

Answer:  Mmmmm not really.  You can set up your OWN cloud, and there are some products out there now that make that process more simple.  This is a great option for file storing and retrieval.  However, it doesn’t change anything if you want to continue using popular tools like the ones mentioned above.  And it also doesn’t help if you want to use apps on your mobile phone that store information in the cloud.


Question:  Can you name some cloud computing service providers?

Answer:  Sure!  Amazon Web Services is one of the big players.  Another option to check out is Rackspace.  There are many, many options out there.  If you’re looking for a cloud computing solution for your small business, please be sure to carefully read over your cloud computing service level agreement (or cloud computing SLA).  This contract will detail the kind of service you can expect to receive from your provider.


Question:  What if I still need more answers to my cloud computing questions?

Answer:  Well, if this article didn’t cover all of your cloud computing questions, you can find an abundance of information and articles on this site by simply typing in the search field at the top of the page.  Otherwise, check out places like Wikipedia or Hubpages!

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