Economics of Cloud Computing

economics of cloud computingThe economics of cloud computing present some complex issues.  Let’s take a look at this driving force in the IT industry:

Amazon recently released some less than favorable news coming out of their division that deals in cloud computing, Amazon Web Services.

At first, you may take this to mean that the economics of cloud computing are signaling a dwindling consumer base.

But that is not necessarily the case!  In fact, we believe that cloud computing technology will only become increasingly prevalent in the lives of individuals and business owners alike.


Future Economics of Cloud Computing

If you are any kind of a futurist (we are around here!), you probably already know how fast things are moving into the cloud.  Of course, you’re familiar with cloud-based apps and web-based email– but many familiar programs are also starting to operate in the cloud:  Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, for example.

These companies are starting to offer access to their programs much like webmail gives you access to your emails, but they’re doing it in the form of a term-based license, often at a discount to what you would pay up front for the entire program.

This is just one example of how the economics of cloud computing are being affected.  The increased utilization of this technology is spawning new forces in the IT industry.


Less Predictable Developments

Part of being a futurist is dealing with the simultaneous frustration and excitement that comes from never truly knowing what will happen in the coming decades.

What kind of technologies will be developed?  And how will they affect the economics of cloud computing, as well as society as a whole?


We can only guess…  And here’s what WE guess:

More and more applications will come to rely on cloud-based technologies.  This will increase our reliance on the cloud in a way we can only begin to predict.  The economy and cloud technologies will become linked and will succeed or fail together.

This prediction is not unlike the way in which we are already dependent upon the internet.

The difference is that on it’s own, the internet only gives you access to information that you didn’t previously have (and can presumably survive without).  Whereas cloud computing could be thought of as an e-safety deposit box for information– i.e. you will probably put things there that you want to retrieve at some point.

The next years will be an economic experiment unlike the world has have previously known.  We have never before been so willing to interconnect our information with such faith and abandon.

We are on this train and we can’t get off.  The economics of cloud computing could grow to become one of the most important indicators of human advancement.

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