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cloud computing guide for dummiesWhy spend money on a book about Cloud Computing?! Check out our FREE guide for Cloud Computing Dummies ūüôā

Of course, you’re not really a dummy! ¬†Cloud computing is complicated and we applaud your desire to learn more about this relatively new form of technology. ¬†So let’s get started! ¬†Here is your cloud computing guide for dummies!


The Basics

Cloud computing is a fancy term people use to discuss a concept that is actually very simple at its core.

When we talk about cloud computing, all we’re really saying is that we aren’t saving files to our own personal hard drives, usb sticks, cd’s, disks or anything else we have in our physical possession.

You see, cloud computing is when you transmit a file over the internet, and it is stored somewhere elseРon a server located somewhere other than on your computer.  It could be two feet away, or two thousand miles away.  The point is that when you utilize cloud computing technology, you are using the internet to send your file off your computer, and storing it somewhere else.


Why Would Anyone Do Such a Thing?

That’s easy– accessibility!

Any dummy could tell you that in order to be productive, you need to have your work with you!

In previous decades, most of what we carried around for work was located inside our briefcases. ¬†Nowadays, much of that data is electronic in nature and exists in the form of doc, pdf’,¬†docx files, etc.

The only way to have consistent access to those files is to upload them via the internet into the cloud.  That way, a person can retrieve those files from anywhereРall he or she needs is an internet connection.


Dummies Guide to Cloud Computing Service Levels

There are a few different tiers that comprise the structure of cloud computing.


Infrastructure as a Service.  These are the physical components of cloud computing.  Monitors, cables and modems all create the infrastructure on which cloud computing can operate.


Platform as a Service.  Think of PaaS like an operating system.  It turns technological equipment into something you can work with and build on.


Software as a Service.  These are the programs that a user most frequently interacts with.  They facilitate the transfer of files and give people a way to edit and save their progress.  On a day to day basis, SaaS helps people make efficient use of cloud computing.


Not Such a Dummy Anymore

Did you think there was more to it?

Cloud Computing is pretty easy to get your head around!  But while the concept itself is simple, the potential applications for this technology are far reaching.

Please feel free to check out some of our other articles and learn more!


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