Some Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is quite literallyDisadvantages of Cloud Computing transforming the world!  But there are serious trade-offs…  Let’s take a look at the Disadvantages of Cloud Computing.

Everyone is getting on the train…  the cloud computing express!

I mean, it’s understandable.  Cloud computing just makes things easier.

And crack just makes people feel awesome.

So, they’re both great for us right?

Well… not so fast there…

Cloud computing has had an undeniably positive effect on many aspects of society.  We’re more connected than ever before!  Kitschy apps like Snapchat have given us a unique ability to interact over vast distances and in a variety of specific contexts.  Someday I’ll do a post on the benefits of cloud computing… but that’s not today!  Today is for the disadvantages of cloud computing.  And there are some glaringly serious ones.

Guess what?  They pretty much all relate to SECURITY… obviously.

Disadvantage #1:  Ownership

Look, this is not a joke.  We are throwing a LOT of information up there into “the cloud”.  Oftentimes with reckless abandon!  Very few people stop and think about what kind of data they are so readily releasing from their possession.  Depending on the terms and conditions (or SLA) of your provider, the ownership of your uploaded data may even be in question!  Scary stuff.

Many large household named companies provide cloud storage, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their terms and conditions sway in your favor.  You MUST pay attention to this.

Disadvantage #2:  Systemic Issues

The issue of security has multiple facets.  One that people rarely dare to think about is systemic stability.

We are unbelievably dependent upon cloud computing operations, and the internet in general.  If Google, Apple, or Amazon’s servers all went down, what would happen?

“Impossible” you say!

And therein lies the problem.

You are most likely correct that these companies are highly unlikely to just “mess up” or overlook a potential security threat.  But there are things outside of our control– natural disasters, solar flares and terrorism (just to name a few).  And the big issue here isn’t personal data loss.  No, it’s the ability of our society to continue functioning in the way we’ve grown so accustomed to.

Disadvantage #3: Control

This is another one of the disadvantages of cloud computing:  Don’t put things in the cloud if you want to keep control over them!  Ok?  That’s the long and short of this section.

The cyber world is not 100% secure and it probably never can be.  Humans tend to be very short sighted and furthermore, we aren’t as good at remembering things as we think we are!  The cloud is a new technology.  The internet is a new technology.  Computers are a new technology.

Keep in mind that we’ve only been riding this train for a couple decades.  Humanity has been around for far, far longer.  I think it’s best to keep it all in perspective.


In the End…

Even though we’ve examined a few disadvantages of cloud computing, that’s not to say we shouldn’t take advantage of this technology– I think we should!  I’m a futurist and I think there is a difference between operating through fear and approaching something with caution.

So yeah, in summary, there are some disadvantages of cloud computing…

But don’t get all crazy about them.


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