What is the Cloud?

What is the cloudWhat is the cloud?

It’s an easier question to answer than it might seem!  Read on to find out more:

You’ve probably heard lots of people jabbering on about “the cloud this” and “the cloud that”…

And you’ve probably totally been like, “yeah that cloud is like, so crazy… and stuff…”.

But guess what?  You would be right!  Because the cloud IS so crazy!

So, what is the cloud?

The cloud is a term we use to refer to the storing of files on a hard drive that is accessed via the internet.

Let us explain:

Normally, when you use your laptop or computer you just save documents and media on the hard drive right?  You could disconnect from the internet and it wouldn’t make any difference– you could still listen to that song you downloaded or read that essay you wrote for your American History class.

The cloud works differently though.

When you save files in the cloud, you are using the internet to load them onto an offsite hard drive.

Webmail is the perfect example!

When you sign in to your gmail, hotmail or whatever account, you must be on the internet to do it!  Similarly, if you send or receive an email, you can’t look at it again unless you are online (or unless you download the message to your computer, mobile device or phone).

The same goes with files you put out there in the cloud.

First, you have to be online to access them.

Second, if don’t download them to your own hard drive, you won’t be able to view or edit them again unless you are online.


Advantages and Disadvantages

That is the quick answer to what is the cloud.

There are lots of good things that come from this technology.  The primary one being that if you have an internet connection, you can get online and view, edit or download your files from virtually anywhere– and that’s much easier than carrying a hard drive, disk or usb drive around with you everywhere.

But the main disadvantage is that if you DO have that usb drive in your pocket, you can easily keep track of your data and personal information.


So, what is the cloud?

Turns out the cloud is a lot of different things.  But one thing is for sure– the cloud is a simple but powerful technology that is rapidly transforming the way we interact with each other!

Let’s just hope the advantages outweigh the disadvantages…





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